Ampelos Cellars:  The vineyards of Ampelos Cellars are certified organic and biodynamic and are SIP (Sustainability in Practice) certified as well.

Baker & Brain: While their grapes do not carry any certifications, they minimize waste through water reclamation, the use of recycled materials and technology.  Their sustainability efforts are a major part of their business model.

Benziger Family Winery:  For over thirty years, Benziger Family Winery has grown grapes for wine using certified Biodynamic, organic and sustainable farming methods.  100% of the wines they produce are 3rd party certified for green farming practices.

Bogle Vineyards:  Bogle Vineyards wines are certified sustainable by California Certified Sustainable Winegrowing (CCSW), Lodi Rules Certified Green, and Sacramento Area Sustainable Business. This Vineyard encourages their growers to follow their green guidelines by giving bonuses for enrolling in the Certified Green program.

Bonterra Vineyards:  Bonterra Vineyards has been growing organic grapes for their wines since 1987.  All their wines are certified and made from 100% organic grapes.  In addition to the organic certification, Bonterra also carries a bio-dynamic certification for its McNab and Butler labels.

Cambria Estate Winery:  Cambria Estate Winery is a family owned winery that produces cool weather varietals. They believe it is important to sustain the land because it gives the wine a better flavor.

Deerfield Ranch Winery:  Wine made by Deerfield Ranch Winery is made with a process they call Clean Wine.  This process minimizes the production of histamines during production which in turn minimizes the headaches some people associate with drinking wine.  They are also a certified organic producer.

DFV Wine: DFV Wine is a family owned wine company which holds a strong belief in allowing nature to grow wine in their vineyards. The family has developed their land to provide optimal growth for their vines

Domaine Carneros:  Since April of 2008, all of Domaine Carneros’ Estate Vineyards have been ceritfied organic by the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers).  This “green seal of approval” was the culmination of years of sustainable farming practices dating back to the inception of Domaine Carneros in the late 1980s.

Frey Veneyards: Frey Vineyards is a family owned, organic winery founded in 1980. It is located in Redwood Valley in Mendocino County.

Heck Estates:  All wineries owned by Heck Estates are certified green by the Sonoma County Green Business Program.  Their belief is that “By employing sustainable agriculture techniques… …we can sustain both the livelihood of our vineyards as well as the quality of our wine”.

LangeTwins Winery and Vineyard: LangeTwins Winery and Vineyard has been growing sustainable wines for five generations. They are certified by the Lodi Rule. Sustainability is at the forefront of this company.

LaRocca Vineyards: LaRocca Vineyards produces organic wines with no sulfites. They have over 25 years of experience with organic farming.

Mendocino Vineyards:  Mendocino Vineyards Chardonnay (owned by Constellation Wines) is made from organically grown grapes in Mendoncino County, California.

Natural Merchants: Natural Merchants is an importer and distributer of natural and organic wines direct from the European and Mediterranean regions.

Stonestreet Alexander Mountain Estate: Stonestreet Alexander Mountain Estate is a SIP (Sustainable in Practice) certified winery and also maintains certification with California Certified Sustainable Winegrowing.

Tangent Winery: Tangent Winery is focused on producing quality white wine. This company is one of few that are focused solely on white wine. Their varietals are produced in the cool temperature of Eden Valley. Tangent Winery is SIP (Sustainable in Practice) certified at their Pargon and Firepeak Vineyards.

Tolosa Winery: Tolosa Winery is a SIP (Sustainable in Practice) certified winery devoted to sustainability by remaining environmentally friendly, equitable, and socially and economically feasible.