Costco: Whole-sale & Whole-foods

For many business and families Costco is an invaluable resource, a literal wonderland of one-stop-shop convenience. This wholesaler has been in my life for a very long time. My family, who owns a small B&B, would make special trips to stock up on inventory on a regular basis. For the past 15 years, I can remember countless trips to this store stocked to brim with all kinds of items, sold in bulk of course. Buying in large quantities is beneficial for the environment as it saves on packaging products that are typically petroleum based and end up in landfills.


Recently I made a trip to Costco that was quite memorable, (and no I didn’t back my car up into a line of shopping carts). I discovered that Costco is selling a tremendous amount of USDA Certified Organic products. Costco is becoming aware that their consumers are craving organic and sustainable items. They are delivering on this, on top of giving their shoppers the best bang for their buck.


Kirkland Signature had been on the scene at Costco for the past two decades. It is apparent in the products they offer, that they are listening to the call for natural foods. I was able to find a wide variety of USDA Certified Organic products.  Peanut butter, beef, salsa, and chicken stock are just some of the organic items Kirkland brings to the table.


This burst of green from Costco is attractive for many reasons. First they are enticing new and old consumers alike to shop organic, second they are creating an image for themselves that reads “Environmentally Responsible” and third (and most important), Costco is doing the right thing for our planet and for their customers. From Organic Olive Oils to Organic Chocolate Pudding, Costco is one wholesale store that is taking strides to become a home for whole foods.