Green Planet Festival 2015

Organic vendors, environmental activists, and sustainable-minded locals alike gathered together at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center, February 28th, for the first ever Green Planet Festival. The room was buzzing with conversations on green practices and the isles were filled with people all with sustainability high on their priority list. This good-will gathering was, in many ways, similar to an indoors farmers market but offered panels, demonstrations, and lasted from the morning well into the night. From organic wines to green patent licensing information, this festival covered a colorful variety of interesting topics that were not only entertaining but enlightening as well.


Organic and Sustainable beverages were a focus for some vendors. Craft beers are embracing sustainability with open arms, while wineries are focusing their sights on growing green.



The Florida Native Plant Society was more than willing to share their knowledge of indigenous flora and fauna. Local activists expressed their concerns on issues, such as light and water pollution.


Gardening Gurus were also present to answer questions about growing organic gardens in your backyard. They were excited to spread their know-how on what crops to grow in our climate during the year


Vegetable-based snacks and fair trade coffees were also a big hit, their smell tempting attendees from all over the ballroom. Endlessly Organic offers organic fruits and veggies delivered straight to you door!


A focus for many vendors was Eco-friendly cleaning products. When talking with them, I was enveloped in conversations pertaining to the toxins that we not only use to clean our homes, but also end up ingesting over time.


A kaleidoscopic blend of people met here on this day with high hopes for the future with smiles on their faces and lifted spirits, knowing in their hearts that this was a collection of individuals who look at our planet with adoration and altruism.