Dairy Product

Alden’s Organic Alden’s Organic is a company that produces USDA Certified Organic ice cream.

Born Free: Born Free is a producer of organic, free-roaming eggs and other specialty shell egg and cooked egg products. Their facilities and farms are Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care.

Castle Rock Organic Farms Castle Rock Organic Farms is a family farm that believes in providing quality products from their relaxed environment. This is accomplished by overseeing the proper handling of their soil and crops from the beginning.

Cedar Summit Dairy:  Cedar Summit Farm is a creamery located in Minnesota. They are a unique company because they only use 100% grass fed cattle to produce their cream. They do not use pesticides on the grass used to feed their cattle in order to take a greener approach with their products.

Chase Hill Farm:  Chase Hill Farm is a producer of organic milk, meat and cheese from 100% grass fed cows. They strive to incorporate sustainable practices by using rotational grazing, seasonal calving, and draft horse power.

Clover Organic Farms Clover Organic Farms is an organic dairy farm.  They work with several small farms that are certified to make sure the animals are handled properly.

Coonridge Dairy: Coonridge Dairy produces organic goat cheese in New Mexico. Their cheese is made with their own free range goats.

Crystal Creamery:  Crystal Creamery is a supplier of local dairy products since 1901. They pride themselves on staying committed to their principles. These principles consist of excellence, honesty, quality, service, and people.

DCI Cheese Company DCI Cheese Company is a leader in the cheese industry since 1975. This company owns and holds exclusive rights to many cheese brands. Some of the cheese brands include Black Creek, Joan of Arc, King’s Choice, Lorraine, Nikos, Organic Creamery and Stella.

FarmersWeb: FarmersWeb is an online platform connectiong local farms and wholesale buyers. On FarmersWeb, farms list their real-time inventory, manage orders, collect payment and use records to keep track of customers and sales metrics. Buyers can shop online directly from local farms making it easy and efficient to source locally.

Green Field Farms:  Green Field Farms is a Certified Organic farm. They produce cheese, eggs, seasonal fruit and maple products. Their products are produced using the same techniques as were used in the 1600s.

Hawthorne Valley Farm:  Hawthorne Valley Farm is located in Columbia County, NY and consists of over 400 acres of biodynamic farms.  They produce dairy, produce and livestock. Hawthorne Valley Farm is part of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Horizon Organic:  Horizon Organic produces a variety of  organic dairy products.  In addition to all their farms being 100% organic, they offset 100% of their electricity usage through the purchase of energy certificates from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Hudson Valley Fresh: Hudson Valley Fresh is a dairy cooperative that operates in the Hudson Valley River. Farmers of the cooperative are committed to preserve the environment following sustainable practices.

Julie’s Organic Ice Cream:  Julie’s Organic Ice Cream is a family owned business created in 1996.  Their product line includes frozen yogurt, non-dairy frozen dessert products and sorbets in addition to their ice creams.

Kalona Super Natural: Kalona Super Natural makes a variety of organic dairy products that come from small sustainable farms. Their products include butter, cheese, eggs, milk, yogurt and sour cream.

Melt Organic: Melt organic has a line of all natural butter spreads. These spreads are made from healthy ingredients such as fruit and plant based organic oils. Each variety is certified organic, non-GMO and kosher.

Maple Hill Creamery:  Maple Hill Creamery is a producer of grass fed organic yogurt. The milk used in the production comes from local farmers in Stuyvesant, NY.

Mapleton’s Organic: Mapleton’s Organic is dedicated to preparing fresh organic ice cream every day with organic ingredients grown on the farm without using chemicals, GMOs, or antibiotics.

MOO – Maine’s Own Organic Milk:  Maine’s Own Organic Milk is a Certified Organic milk producer. Their milk is low pasteurized at a low temperature, so that the milk keeps its fresh flavor.

Natural by Nature: Natural by Nature is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania largely committed to producing dairy products the natural way. Their products are all certified organic and include milk, cream, whipped cream, butter yogurt and more.

Nancy’s Springfield Creamery:  Nancy’s Springfield Creamery has been locally sourcing their ingredients since the 1960’s. They produce yogurt, cultured soy, cottage cheese, sour cream and kefir.  Nancy’s Springfield Creamery is practicing sustainability is by using solar panel to produce their own energy.

Ocheesee Creamery:  Ocheesee Creamery is a small dairy farm in the Florida Panhandle that produces dairy products from grass fed Jersey cows.

Organic Meadow: Organic Meadow is committed to not only producing food that is made with in a healthy way but to maintaining the tradition of family farmers. Their products include milk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream that are all certified organic.

Organic Nectars:  Based in New York City, Organic Nectars is a producer of raw, organic foods including gelato made from cashews, raw agave nectar, raw chocolate and others.

Organic Valley Co-op:  The Organic Valley Cooperative is a national organic dairy supplier.  They contribute and partner  with a number of environmental, culinary and social organizations that help to promote  healthy, organic and sustainable lifestyles.

Pride and Joy Dairy:  Pride and Joy Dairy put their cow’s needs first by green pasture feeding their cows with plants that are grown using no pesticides. They take the extra time to make sure that they have the healthiest and happiest cows.

Seven Stars Farm Seven Stars is a Certified Biodynamic dairy farm and is located in northern Chester County, PA. They produce organic yogurt prepared with milk from their Jersey cows.

Silk: Silk produces soy milk that is USDA Certified Organic. The company is committed to resource conservation and has followed eco-conscious practices since its foundation.

Stiebrs Farms: Stiebrs Farms produces all natural, cage free, organic chicken and duck eggs and egg products (including 30 Lb pasteurized bag-in-box).  They mill their own feed for their chickens and are local to the Washington State area.

Stonyfield Farms, Inc.: Stonyfield Organic follows as well as teaches sustainable practices. They produce milk, yogurt, smoothies and ice cream.

Straus Family Creamery: Straus was the first 100% organic creamery in the USA.  Located in Northern California, Straus strives to reuse everything from manure to glass bottles.

Traders Point Creek:  Traders Point Creek is a dairy farm that is family owned and located in Indiana. They have a farm to table restaurant located on their property.

Truwhip: Truwhip produces a whipped topping that is made with true ingredients. Their products are non-GMO certified, gluten free, certified kosher and made without any high fructose corn syrup.

Wallaby: A couple that traveled to Australia and wanted to produce a yogurt like the one they tried there started this company. Wallaby is based in California’s Napa Valley and produces various yogurts that are certified organic.

Wilcox Family Farms:  Wilcox Family Farms produces cage-free, certified organic shell eggs, liquid eggs and hard boiled eggs. The company has been around for over 100 years and began transitioning to fully organic and cage free farming in 2005.

Winter Park Dairy:  Winter Park Dairy produces natural, 100% raw milk, handmade, artisan cheese in Central Florida.