Grocery & Dry Goods

Activ International: Activ International makes a line of certified organic flavors made from organic ingredients. These flavors are used to make organic soups, sauces, broths and organic food entrees.

AG Commodities: AG Commodities is an organic food distributor. The distributed products by AG Commodities are USDA Certified Organic, Bio Suisse, and Farm Verified Organic.

AH!LASKA: AH!LASKA produces organic cocoa and chocolate syrup that are kosher, and non-GMO verified. Started by a couple who owned a bakery in Alaska, they were trying to teach their son who loves hot cocoa about the importance of using ingredients that are environmentally friendly. Naturally, they created a chocolate drink made with organic cocoa.

A & H Gourmet and Seafood Market: A & H Gourmet and Seafood Market is a purveyor of seafood, dry goods, produce and dairy products. They make sure all suppliers they use provide a balance between quality, price and sustainability.

Ambrosial Granola, Inc: Ambrosial granola is a USDA Certified Organic company located in Brooklyn, NY. This company originated in the 80’s when a mother named Anastasia couldn’t find breakfast food good enough for her children. Anastasia then went in search of hard to find granola ingredients to produce her product.

Ancient Harvest: Ancient Harvest is known as the company to introduce organic Quinoa to the United States. They are certified organic and gluten free; their quinoa grows in the high Andean Altiplano regions of Bolivia at an elevation high enough to not support the growth of gluten containing grains.

Anson Mills: Anson Mills is a grower and processor of a wide variety of artisan, organic, heirloom grains in South Carolina.  Their products are only available direct and can be purchased on their website.  All products are ground to order from new crops only and ship the same day they are milled.

Ariake U.S.A., Inc.: Ariake U.S.A. manufactures stocks, broths, bases and seasonings. They produce certified organic stocks made the classic way so that they are comparable to traditional stocks made by chefs in culinary practices.

Arrowhead Mills: Arrowhead Mills supplies organic baking products which are all-natural and pesticides- and herbicides-free. Arrowhead Mills follows sustainable practices to reduce their carbon footprint responsibly.

Artisana Organic: Artisana believes in “the art of healthy food” the company produces handcrafted nut and seed butter and oils in Oakland, California. They are both ceritified organic and kosher.

BAO Food and Drink: Bad Ass Organic Food & Drink is a producer of raw, certified organic food products.  All their products are made using lacto-fermentation, which instills their raw, unpasteurized products with pro-biotics.  This makes their products naturally tart and good for you as well.

Bionaturae: The word Bionaturae can be described as organic nature. Started by a group of young Italians and an American who wanted to produce an organic selection of authentic Italian foods. Created in 1994, the company has been well embraced by American consumers, remaining true to their devotion to quality and tradition.

Blue Mountain Organics: Blue Mountain Organics is a certified organic company that began in a small agricultural community in Virginia and developed into a sustainable enterprise with a commitment to both the environment and to health.

Blount: Since 1880, Blount has delivered quality service along side their quality products. Their vast knowledge of flavors and their custom soup service makes them popular with national restaurants chains.

Cascadian Farm: Cascadian Farm is an Organic farm committed to preserving the environment. It is located in the Washington’s Upper Skagit Valley.

Cayuga Pure Organics:  Cayuga Pure Organic is a supplier of New York grown beans, grains, and flour.  They believe in long term health. This is accomplished not only by the food they provide, but rather their whole production system.

Crofter’s Organic Jam: Crofter’s Organic manufactures USDA certified organic fruit products in Ontario, Canada.

Dagoba Chocolate: Dagoba Chocolate is made of 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients: the chocolate line is made with cacao from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Dang Foods: Dang Foods is family run and produces coconut snacks that are non-GMO verified.

Deans Beans: Deans Beans are coffee roasters that work with whole beans that are fair-trade, kosher, and organic. They roast the coffee in small batches based in Orange, Massachusetts.

Deboles additional: Deboles offers certified organic all natural pastas, including options that are whole wheat and gluten free.

Eden Foods: Since 1968, Eden Foods has been producing and procuring a wide variety of of organic foods including dried and canned beans, juices, grains, teas and more.  If you cannot find a local distributor for their products, you can purchase their products direct at wholesale prices by registering for their b2b program.

Eden Organic Pasta: Eden Organic Pasta supplies organic pasta in different varieties. Pasta is made with traditional method and techniques using wheat, rye, quinoa and spelt.

Edison Grain, Inc.: Edison Grain, Inc. is a merchant and importer of organic ingredients. Their goal as a supplier is to provide clean, safe and cutting edge products at a great value.

Edward & Sons: Edward & Sons makes a variety of organic products that include an instant miso soup, baked brown rice snaps, organic breadcrumbs and organic croutons.

Essential Living Foods: Essential Living Foods has a range of cooking ingredients, snacks, smoothie mixes, and energy bars. They work with indigenous cultures around the world to provide products that are certified organic.

Ethical Bean: Ethical Bean makes coffee that is fair trade and organic certified, with a commitment to help local and global communities.

Fairly Traded Organics:  One of three certified organic and fair trade certified sugar mills in the world.  They produce sugar, molasses, rum and food grade grain alcohol from their farm in Paraguay.

Farmer Direct Co-op: Farmer Direct Co-operative Ltd. is a producer-driven business that provides the world with ethically grown and traded food.

Farmers Web: Farmers Web is an online platform connecting local farms and wholesale buyers. On Farmers Web, farms list their real-time inventory, manage orders, collect payment, and use records to keep track of customers and sales metrics. Buyers can shop online directly from local farms making it easy and efficient to source locally.

Flavorganics:  Flavorganics is a supplier of organic flavors and extracts. They are among one of few companies that produce all of their products in the USA. Flavorganics takes pride in providing quality natural products within their industry.

Flax USA: The People at Flax USA have been in the business since 1901 delivering all-natural and organic flax seeds grown on select farms. They stand firmly behind the health benefits of their products.

Food for Thought: Food for Thought produces organic gourmet specialty foods including preserves, salsas, BBQ sauces, chutney, dressings and juice concentrates.

Full Circle Foods: “Full Circle supports a natural way of living”. Full Circle Foods is a company committed to providing 100% natural organic and eco-friendly products. The organization strives to improve environmental conditions promoting a sustainable daily lifestyle.

Garden Citi Ltd:  Garden Citi consists of two separate producers. The first is their Everyday Organic, which supplies organic canned products. The second is Garden Citi, which provides organic bulk ingredients.

Garden Spot: Garden Spot is a distributor of organic and kosher food. The organization’s operations evolved from farmer/grower to a company that would commit to fulfill customers’ needs. Today, in addition to sustainable organic food distribution they also provide website fulfillment services including international shipping, and marketing and promotions. Product storage in temperature controlled facilities including receiving, unloading, picking and palletizing orders and keeping a proper inventory are part of the integrated services offered by Garden Spot’s to its clientele.

Garden of Eatin: Garden of Eatin makes organic tortilla chips that have expanded to a variety of flavors such as blue corn and black bean.

Global Natural Foods: Global Natural Foods offers certified organic fruit juice concentrates, purees, frozen fruits and essences from around the world.

Golden Organics: Golden Organics is a provider of all dry goods. They are consciously trying to reduce their carbon foot print. They are achieving their goals by recycling, use of wind power, composting, and buying from local growers

Go Raw: Go raw has been largely committed to producing with organic ingredients since the company started in 2002. They make a variety of flax snacks, granolas, sprouts and chocolate. Their products are certified organic, vegan, kosher, gluten free and nut free.

Great Bean: Great bean is an organic, handmade and direct trade chocolate company from Austin, Texas.

Great River Organic Milling: Great River Organic Milling is located on the upper Mississippi River. They produce certified organic and kosher approved grains, flowers and mixes.

Grounds for Change: Grounds for change is family owned located in the Pacific Northwest. They roast coffee that is 100% fair-trade and organic.

Heavenly Organics: Heavenly Organics products are dedicated to maintaining purity and health. Creating flavors that are in harmony with nature through their individual organic items. Their list of products includes Rare Himalayan and Wild Forest Honey and Heavenly Sugar.

Hot Dang: Hot Dang makes burgers made up of grains; they contain zero soy and are non-GMO verified.

Imagine Foods: Imagine Foods has a variety of ready-to-serve soups and broths. Their products are certified organic and maintain the quality and freshness through aseptic packaging.

JBL Foods: JBL Foods is a supplier offering a wide range of organic fruit juice concentrates and purees; they are based in the USA, New Zealand, Europe, and South America.

Jim’s Organic Coffee: Jim’s coffee produces different blends of certified organic coffee. They have over eighteen years of experience producing organically.

King Arthur Flour Company: King Arthur Flour Company is a flour mill that produces a wide variety of organic flours.  Their products are available nationwide through local distributors.

Laughing Giraffe Organics: Laughing Giraffe provides consumers with real food made entirely of certified organic and unprocessed ingredients with the purpose to provide our body with the proper nutrition. Their products are also vegan and gluten free.

La Yapa – quinoa with a cause™: La Yapa is committed to reducing poverty and protecting the environment around the Bolivian salt flats. Their goal is to provide only premium, organic, and fairly traded quinoa products. Part of their proceeds to toward supporting the income of small farmer families.

Lundberg Family Farms®: Lundberg is an organic and eco-friendly farm, which supplies organic rice and other dry goods. They have been established since 1937.

Lydia’s Organics: Lydia’s organics produces a variety of fresh food as well as a packaged food line. Located in Northern California Lydia’s uses entirely certified organic ingredients and processes such as sprouting or dehydrating to ensure the quality of products remains intact.

Madécasse: This company produces chocolate and vanilla from Madagascar. They are committed to sustainable farming and are fair trade certified.

Maranatha Foods: Maranatha makes a variety of nut spreads that are made with high quality natural, organic ingredients.

McEnroe Organic Farm: McEnroe Organic Farm produces and sells a wide variety of organic grocery products, as well as meat and produce items from their market in the Harlem Valley in Millerton, New York.  The entire farm is certified organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC and the market is open year round.

McEvoy Ranch: McEvoy Ranch located in Petaluma, California produces certified organic olive oils. They grown, harvest, mill, blend and bottle the olives entirely at their ranch.

Mediterranean Organic: Mediterranean Organic products are certified organic, grown in farms that have been producing naturally for centuries and unaffected by modern chemicals. Their products vary from stuffed grape leaves, marmalades, wild capers, olives, and sundried tomatoes.

Muir Glen: Muir Glen’s mission is to grow organic tomatoes. Everything is certified organic starting from the farming methods to the final products which are sealed with the USDA label. The company is dedicated to preserve the environment and in particular the keep a healthy rich soil.

Multiple Organics, Inc: Multiple organics is a wholesale supplier of bulk ingredients. They specialize in beans, cocoa products, edible seeds, dried fruit, lentils nuts, peas, specialty grains, and sugar. Their philosophy is that food is precious and should be chosen wisely.

Nana Creme: Nana Creme and is an allergen-friendly vegan “ice-cream” it does not contain any eggs, dairy, soy, nut or GMO ingredients.

Natures Flavors: Nature’s Flavors has over 8,000 products including organic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, non-allergen ingredients. Their products consist of flavor extracts, baking ingredients, syrups, spices and more.

Natures Path: Natures Path is family-run and sustainably driven, committed to producing organic food with out including any GMOs, their products consist of ingredients such as flax, hemp, chia, ancient grains, breads and more.

Navitas Natural: Navita’s Natural specializes in producing high nutrient foods from around the world with a minimum amount of processing and without any additives. They partner with international organic farming communities; all of their products are certified organic, certified kosher and GMP/HACCP certified. is a USDA Certified Organic company. This company provides organic nuts, dried fruit, seeds, snacks and baking ingredients.

Organic Coffee Company: Organic Coffee Company is a family-owned gourmet coffee roaster. This company has a large commitment to producing organically in a way that is friendly to the environment.

Organic Nectars:  Based in New York City, Organic Nectars is a producer of raw, organic foods including gelato made from cashews, raw agave nectar, raw chocolate and others.

Organic Spices Inc.: Organic Spices Inc. has a wide range of spices that can be purchased in large or small quantities. Their products are certified organic and made with cutting edge technology that ensure food safety.

Organic Sugar: Organic sugar is offered as Fair Trade Product and it is USDA certified organic. All sugar products are also Kosher certified in addition to being organic. Fairly Traded Organics is operating in Paraguay, but supplies sugar to businesses in the United States.

Organicville: Organicville has a wide range of products that are certified organic, vegan and gluten free. Their products range from condiments, sauces, dressings and beverages.

Pacific Grain and Foods: Pacific Grain and Foods started as a small feed company, which evolved to a larger food service supplier. Their mission is to provide their consumer with quality products for a healthy life style. They produce rice, beans, grain and spices.

Pita Pal: Pita Pal Industries creates products that speak to the traditional flavors of the Mediterranean. They conduct themselves under strict kosher guidelines and are USDA Organic certified.

Pyure: Pyure makes stevia sweeteners that are all certified organic and non-GMO verified.

Real Pickles: Real Pickles uses the traditional pickling process to produce raw fermented vegetables that contain health promoting active cultures and enzymes. Their products are certified organic and operate in a 100% solar powered facility.

Rejuvenate Foods: Rejuvenate foods is committed to producing foods that “rejuvenate” their consumers bodies. Their individual items are made in a way that delivers essential nutrients and contain health benefits. Rejuvenate products are certified organic, raw, vegan and peanut free.

Rogers Family Gourmet Coffee & Teas:  The Rogers Family distributes a wide range of organic or otherwise Earth friendly coffees and teas.

San-J: San-J brews 100% gluten-free, certified organic tamari soy sauce in the United States.  The sauce is made entirely from soybeans (regular soy sauce uses a blend of soybeans and wheat).  In addition to tamari, they produce a full line of soups, organic shoyu and gluten-free Asian sauces, salad dressings and rice crackers.

Scoular Food: Scoular Foods offer a range of highly functional and nutritious ingredients, such as organic soybean oil, organic soy flour, organic pea fiber, organic pea starch and more.

Silver Hills: Silver Hills bakery makes a variety of wholesome breads that are non-GMO verified.

Source Organic: Source Organic makes various whey proteins that are non-GMO verified and certified organic.

Spectrum Organics: Spectrum Organics is headquartered in Lake Success, New York they provide a line of culinary oils, vinegars, mayo, and shortenings.

Stahlbush Island Farms: Stahlbush Island Farms is a farmer and packer of sustainably farmed IQF fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes as well as frozen purees.  All of their nearly 5,000 acres of farmland is certified sustainable by Food Alliance and one-third of it is certified organic.

SupOpta: SunOpta manufactures, imports and exports certified organic ingredients to food retailers and food service companies worldwide.

Sun Organic Farm: Sun Organic Farm offers a great variety of nuts and fruits. All products are USDA Certified Organic and GMO free.

Sunspire: Sunspire organic chocolate is made out of healthy ingredients. The company is dedicated to innovation for new products as well as the integrity of all ingredients. Sunspire products are USDA certified organic.

Superior Natural Foods: Superior Natural Foods provides over 750 different organic food ingredients in industrial quantities.

Sweetwater Organic Coffee: Sweetwater Organic Coffee is located in Gainesville, Florida. They are committed to sustainable, fair-trade, certified organic coffee, roasted in micro-batches to ensure freshness.

Taylor Brothers Farms: Taylor Brothers Farms is a third generation fully organic family farm. They grow and process dried prunes/plums and prune products.

Third Coast Coffee: Third Coast Coffee roasting company’s coffee come from different part of the word and can be purchased by pound online from a chosen region. Their coffees are fair trade and certified organic.

Tipu’s Chai: Tipu’s Chai is and authentic Indian chai spice for teas, it is a third generation family recipe made with all organic ingredients.

Tradin Organic: Tradin is a manufacturer, importer and exporter of certified organic ingredients, including frozen fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable purees, cocoa, sugar, nuts and seeds, fruit juice concentrates, dried fruits, sweeteners and more.

Tropical Traditions: Tropical Traditions is strongly committed to family farming and maintaining organic standards. Their list of products ranges from organic coconut oil, sweeteners, baking supplies, spreads and more.

Walnut Acres: Walnut Acres produces organic juices, canned soups, salsas and sauces made from high quality ingredients that are certified organic.

Wilderness Family Naturals: Wilderness Family Naturals is based in northeastern Minnesota, an area known to have pure water and soil. They produce a wide range of certified organic products that can be purchased online.