Meat & Poultry

For hundreds of years, man has raised animals for food.  There were no growth hormones, no antibiotics.  There was no need to “get back to basics”.  They were the basics!  Now with pressure to produce ever bigger chickens, pork, cattle or other center plate proteins, in less time for less money, some farmers are not upholding the standards to which we wish to be associated.

Beef is not a dirty word.  Neither is chicken, turkey, duck, pork or lamb.  You sell these products.  Guests demand these products.  We want to offer real choices from third party certified vendors.  Farmers and processors who “do it right”.  From certified organic poultry to “birth to box” hormone free and antibiotic free beef.  Our associated vendors adhere to strict standards for feed, care and handling and general practices for their type of product.  The National vendors are known as the premier vendors and pioneers of sustainability in their category.  The Regional/Boutique vendors are renowned for the niches they have developed by being greener, healthier and cleaner than their average competitor.  Each vendor must have a third party accreditation to be accepted as “green”.