The following links to food service distributors can help you purchase sustainably raised, locally produced and environmentally friendly processed meat products:

Cambridge Packing:  Cambridge Packing is a family owned and operated meat distributor serving the east coast of the United States since 1923.  They are distributors of Brandt Beef, Snake River Farms Beef & Pork, Aussie Premium Natural Lamb, Mosner Veal & Lamb, Shepherd’s Pride All Natural Lamb and Springer Mountain Farms Poultry, among other all natural products.  Their website also has some great educational resources.

D’Artagnan: D’Artagnan supplies natural and organic meat and poultry products as well as a host of specialty products (including truffles, mushrooms, pates etcetera).  Products are available to purchase direct from D’Artagnan.

Halperns’:  Halperns’, “purveyors of fine meats and seafoods”, is a meat and seafood distributor with distribution centers in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.  They purchase from local farmers when possible and partner with national companies who devote “significant resources” to environmentally friendly practices.  They are authorized distributors for both Harris Ranch and Niman Ranch.

Hamilton Meats & Provisions:  Hamilton Meats is a distributor serving the Southern California region.  They distribute Brandt Beef, Cedar Rivers Farms Beef, Vande Rose Duroc Pork Products, Strauss Free Raised Veal and other humane/anti-biotic free/organic products.