Family Farms

5280 MEAT CO: This company supplies customers with quality meat products that are 100% grass fed, they treat their animals the way nature intends- without any growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids.

ATK Foods: ATK Foods is a family owned company that has been in business for nearly a century with their all-natural products. They are committed to delivering healthy and high quality food to their consumers.

Becker Lane Organic Farm: Becker Lane Organic Farm follows and promotes sustainable practices towards the ultimate goal of preserving natural resources. Pigs are raised with traditional methods.

Diestel Turkey Ranch: Diestel Turkey Ranch is a family-run sustainable ranch in operation since 1949, located in Sonora California. Their natural, free-range turkeys are certified organic.

Da Le Ranch: Da Le Ranch is located in Southern California’s Central Inland Empire, they are a small, sustainable family farm that offers a variety of farm-fresh meats.

DuBreton: DuBreton specializes in hog farming. The programs developed by the farm are currently featuring certified organic pork, certified humane pork, and pork raised without antibiotics and vegetable grain-fed.  The entire production is based on animal welfare and all the phases of production are accurately monitored to ensure the integrity of the final product.

EEL River Organic Beef: EEL River Organic Beef supplies 100% Certified Organic beef, grass-fed only and pasture raised on family farm. Beef is certified organic under USDA standards.

Engelbert Farms: Engelbert Farms have a long tradition in farming and it is certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. Among the farm products are organic beef, pork, veal, several kind of cheese and seasonal vegetables.

Farmers Web: FarmersWeb is an online platform connecting local farms and wholesale buyers. On FarmersWeb, farms list their real-time inventory, manage orders, collect payment, and use records to keep track of customers and sales metrics. Buyers can shop online directly from local farms making it easy and efficient to source locally.

Full Circle Bison Ranch: Full Circle Bison Ranch supplies buffalo meat which is 100% grass-fed and raised on certified organic pasture. No antibiotics or hormones are used and sustainable methods are followed to preserve natural environment.

Grass Fed Traditions: Grass Fed Traditions provides grass-fed meats and dairy products. Animals are raised cage-free. The poultry pasture called Cocofeed does not contain soy but it consists of leftover coconut pulp.

Green Cedar Farms:  The mission of Green Cedar Farms is to provide and educate about locally grown, natural foods that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Miller Poultry: Miller Poultry is a family owned company in Northern Indiana; they are committed to producing antibiotic free and organically raised poultry.

Organic Prairie: Organic Prairie is a cooperative of family farms. They are all following natural traditional ways to raise and process organic meat. All products are USDA certified organic.

Strube Ranch: Strube Ranch raises All-Natural, Antibiotic Free Wagyu (Kobe) Beef with No Added Hormones  in the heart of East Texas cattle country.  Strube Ranch is a family owned and operated business with over 100 years experience raising beef. The vision of the Strube family is to raise only the highest quality, healthiest beef possible.

Tide Mill Organic Farm: Tide Mill Organic Farm, which is located in Washington County, is a family-owned and operated farm. The operation is committed to growing organic foods and educating the final consumer about healthy, local food and the importance of the eco-balance

Vande Rose Farms:  Vande Rose Farms is a supplier of anti-biotic  free, 100% vegetarian fed, hormone free Duroc pork products.  Their pigs are raised on family farms in the Midwestern United States.

Verde Farms: For generations Verde Farms has produced organic, grass-fed beef without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Verde Farm is committed to taking the traditional approach to raising their cows.

Wise Organic Pastures:  Wise Organic Pastures produces organic, hormone-free, humanely raised, Kosher chicken and beef products.  Their chicken is raised on ten farms in rural Pennsylvania in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Zen Sheep Farm: Zen Sheep Farm is a family owned farm that raises certified organic lamb, beef and sheep. In addition to the meat production, the farm supplies organic wool products. The operation follows sustainable practices and animals are raised without hormones and antibiotics or GMO’s. The operation customizes sales to the customer’s need with any cuts requested.