National Suppliers

Applegate: Applegate produces different natural meat products all made from antibiotic-free beef, pork and poultry, with out any artificial ingredients, coloring or chemical preservatives used in processing.

Bell & Evans: Bell & Evans air chilled chickens are air-chilled without the use of water.  Bell & Evans birds are raised according to the Bell & Evans Humane Animal Welfare Standard.  All Bell & Evans chickens are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones.

Berkwood Farms:  Eden Farms raises 100% Certified Berkshire pork on its farms.  They are the only farmer-owned company with national distribution in the United States.  Their pigs are raised in a “healthy, environmentally friendly manner” and according to “a strict code of responsible and humane animal husbandry”.

Black Earth Meats:  Black Earth Meats is a supplier of certified humane, certified organic meat.  Organic beef, pork, buffalo, elk, farmed deer, sheep and goats are all raised and processed by Black Earth Meats.

Blackwing: Blackwing offers a variety all-natural and organic red meats as well as poultry meats. All meats which are processed under USDA Organic supervision and rules, are certified organic by CCOF, MOSA and OCIA.

Brandt Beef:  Brandt Beef supplies all natural beef without the use of hormones or antibiotics.  They also have a deep commitment to sustainability, which you can read about at their website under “About Brandt Beef”.

Clear Creek Organics: Clear Creek Organics is a supplier of certified organic beef grown in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada.

Colorado’s Best Beef Company: Colorado’s Best Beef Company is a family owned beef operation specializing in the Charolais breed.  Their livestock is never administered feed anti-biotics, steroids or growth hormones and is dry aged 14 – 21 days prior to processing.  Their meat is available to be purchased direct.

Coleman Natural: Coleman Natural is a supplier of all natural and organic pork and poultry products.  They also produce an extensive line of ready to eat/cooked products such as franks, sausages and bacon.  Petaluma Poultry is a division of Coleman Natural.

Country Natural Beef: Country Natural Beef is a marketing co-op consisting of 120 family owned farms across the Western United States (including Hawaii).  Their ranches are certified environmentally and socially sustainable by Food Alliance (  Their livestock are fed an all vegetarian diet and are never administered any hormones or antibiotics.

Creekstone Farms: Creekstone Farms is a supplier of Premium Black Angus and Natural Black Angus that is “raised and grazed” in the United States.  Their processing plant was designed by Temple Grandin to ensure their livestock is handled in a humane fashion.

D’Artagnan: D’Artagnan supplies natural and organic meat and poultry products as well as a host of specialty products (including truffles, mushrooms, pates etcetera).  Products are available to purchase direct from D’Artagnan.

Epicurean Farms:  “Epicurean Farms is a boutique chicken company dedicated to producing poultry with the best flavor”.  They also raise Muscovy Duck and Cornish Hens.  All of their birds are raised with vegetarian feed and without anti-biotics on family farms.

FreeBird Chicken:  FreeBird Chicken is a supplier of anti-biotic free, cage-free chicken that is fed a vegetarian diet.  Their chickens are raised in Amish Country on family farms.  They also have a line of organic chicken which is raised in the same fashion, but fed an organic, vegetarian diet.

Gaucho Ranch:  Gaucho Ranch is an importer of grass fed beef from the Pampas region of South America.  The angus cattle roam freely and eat only grass, clover and wildflowers that grow on this family farm in Uruguay.  The product is shipped fresh and is never frozen.

Harris Ranch: For nearly 40 years, Harris Ranch has strived to produce the highest quality natural beef. Temple Grandin assisted in the design of their facilities and provided employee training to help ensure livestock welfare at Harris Ranch’s production facilities.

Mary’s Chicken:  Mary’s Chicken raises organic chickens that are rated 3 by the  Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Rating.  They also produce free range, pasture raised chickens that are a 5 (the highest rating) on this scale. They also raise free range turkeys and ducks.

Meyer Natural Foods: Meyer Natural Foods supplies organic beef via a number of national and local brands, including Laura’s Lean Beef and Dakota Beef, among others.

Murray’s Chicken:  Murray’s Chicken is a supplier of Certified Humane Chicken.  Their signature breed chickens are “fed an all-natural and all-vegetable diet” and are the leanest chickens available on the market (Murray’s Chicken is the only chicken that is labeled “Lean” by the USDA).  All chickens are raised without antibiotics.  Products purchased within the New York Tri State area travel less than 300 miles.

Naturewell Natural Beef:  Naturewell Natural Beef is a supplier of all natural, antibiotic and hormone free beef.  They lessen their environmental impact through their WELL Initiatives™ program (Water, Energy, Livestock and Land initiatives).

Niman Ranch: Niman Ranch is a supplier of “traditionally, humanely and sustainably” raised beef, lamb, pork and poultry in addition to a line of cage-free eggs and smoked and cured meats.  As with many humanely raised livestock suppliers, their raising protocols were established with the help of renowned animal behaviorist and animal welfare expert, Temple Grandin.

Pederson’s Farms: Pederson’s Farms is a producer of hormone and antibiotic-free organic bacon, sausage and ham.  They also produce beef, chicken and turkey bacon, in addition to a number of specialty products.

Petaluma Poultry:  Petaluma Poultry raises three different brands of chicken.  Rosie Organic chickens are free-range, organic (certified by Oregon Tilth), vegetarian-fed and antibiotic free.  Rocky chickens are free-range, vegetarian-fed and antibiotic free.  Rocky Jr. chickens are cage-free, vegetarian-fed and antibiotic free.  All birds are raised humanely using sustainable farming methods.

Plainville Farms:  Plainville Farms is the sister company of FreeBird Chicken and provides antibiotic free, cage-free chicken that is fed a vegetarian diet.  Plainville Farms also carries organic turkey in addition to their all natural line.

Prather Ranch: Prather Ranch operates as a self-sustaining agricultural organization. No chemical pesticides or herbicides are used on pasture and animals are processed through humane treatment.

Rocky Mountain Organic Meats:  Rocky Mountain Organic Meats offers Certified Organic, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished meats which are never administered antibiotics or hormones.  Nearly all of their livestock is raised in the Rocky Mountain region and none of their livestock is ever imported from outside the United States.

Strauss Free Raised:  Strauss is a supplier of Free Raised® veal.  Strauss Free Raised® veal is raised on open pastures with the herd.  It is fed a strictly vegetarian diet free of any animal by-products and is never administered growth hormones or antibiotics. Other Strauss Free Raised® specialties are grass fed beef and all natural lamb. Strauss is dedicated to new grazing lamb programs which provide positive effects for the environment itself.

Wild Idea Bufflo Campany: Wild Idea Buffalo is dedicated to preserving land and natural wild bison habitat. The main effort of the ranch has been grass restoration for a healthy prairie. In this ranch located in South Dakota buffalo are raised free to roaming and they are grass-fed only.