realEats Consulting™

The hospitality industry continues to change at a rapid rate. Technology, guest metrics, Federal and State statutes, a new-age labor force and many other factors continue to drive our industry faster and faster toward issues that no longer relate to hospitality, service or quality interactions between your company and the guest.

realEats Consulting is a consortium of Hospitality Executives each of whom has expertise in their own slice of the industry. Just as you wouldn’t have the nation’s best orthopedic surgeon operating on your heart, you shouldn’t have a hotel specialist advising you on restaurant management.

The realEats consulting team consists of Executives, Operators, Marketers, Finance Specialists, Hoteliers, Educators, Chefs and other industry professionals. Just as everyone has a different business, we have a long term relationship with a top notch industry specialist. Another point of difference with the realEats team is that we are connected to both academic and industry related experts. You need the most up to date technologies and we offer cutting edge programs theorized in the classroom and perfected in the field.

realEats founder, Joel Feigenheimer has spent a career developing relationships with industry associates around the globe. His “six degrees of separation” include executives with specialties in every area of hospitality. Over his career he has consulted on three continents, excelled in the corporate environment, been a successful entrepreneur and met thousands of industry leaders. Now, as a full time educator at Florida International University Chaplin School of Hospitality, he has chosen “the best in the World” to join the realEats consulting team.

Contact us and let us know your needs. Whether it is implementing sustainable food and beverage programs, creating sustainable business solutions, operations management, financial review or simply new or updated training based on wow-ing your guest, we will deliver the BEST possible program for YOUR situation. Call or email us to organize a “no obligation” call between you and one of our results oriented specialists. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.