While it’s nice to know the story of the fisherman or the sustainable habits of some fishery across the world…where your present seafood distributor swears he is sourcing your fish…but how do you know?

As a restaurant operator you can’t buy direct from most fisherman…and often you shouldn’t.  What you need to do is find a local distributor who adheres to established third party standards for sustainable fishery practices.

Frankly, being a sustainable vendor is not cheap.  Every procedure from ordering and tracking, to handling, storage and delivery are all more expensive for the vendor.  That doesn’t even include the more expensive raw product costs.  It takes a commitment on the part of the vendor to jump ahead of the competition and hope that their investment will pay off in the long term.

We hope that you research and support these vendors in their swim toward sustainability!

The below pages highlight seafood products, vendors and distributors who purvey seafood products that are either sustainably caught or raised and adhere to the guidelines of independent organizations such as the Marine Stewardship Council and others.