Seafood Distributors

American Prawn Cooperative: American Prawn Cooperative is a prawn aquaculture co-op.  Their feed contains no animal or fish by-products and they use no chemicals, antibiotics or hormones.

Anderson Seafoods Inc.: Anderson Seafood, Inc. is a seafood distributor in Southern California. They partner with the Aquarium of the Pacific in the Seafood for the Future program in order to fulfill their commitment to sustainability.

Anna Marie Seafood: Ann Marie seafood is a supplier of wild shrimp.  They work alongside the Ocean Conservancy to reduce by-catch.

Aqua Star: Aqua Star is a retailer and wholesaler of shrimp, crab, fish, squid, shell fish and prepared seafood. They work with all their providers to ensure responsibly sourced seafood.

Aqualine Seafoods Ltd.:   Aqualine Seafoods Ltd. offers certified hake salmon and sablefish. Their core values are quality, productivity, sustainability and reliability. They have implemented a green initiative which uses several policies to reduce the environmental impact of their products.

E&E Foods, LLC.:  E&E Foods LLC practices sustainability by providing seafood that can be traced back to sustainable fisheries. They are currently an MSC certified supplier and are transitioning to becoming an Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management certified supplier.

Fortune Fish Co.: Fortune Fish Co. is a seafood distributor serving Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri and Indiana.  They demonstrate a long term commitment to sustainability by supporting, promoting and selling products from sustainable fisheries.

Gary’s Seafood: Gary’s Seafood is a seafood distributor in Central Florida.  They provide sustainable Chilean Sea Bass, have a host of other sustainable products and carry a wide range of locally caught and locally farmed seafood products.

Pacific Seafood:  Pacific Seafood is a Western U.S. seafood distributor with distribution centers from San Antonio, TX to Seattle, WA.  They carry a wide variety of MSC certified sustainable seafood products in addition to supporting organizations such as the Pacific Fisheries Management Council.  They also operate a number of sustainable fish farms.

Raw Seafoods:  Raw Seafoods is an MSC Certified supplier of Atlantic Sea Scallops.

River & Glen: River and Glen works with small, independent fisherman and farmers who raise and harvest their catches in a sustainable, responsible fashion. They not only look at the methods of harvest but also at the environmental and economic impact. River and Glen sells to both food service and retail.

Samuels and Son Seafood: Samuels and Son is a Philadelphia based family owned seafood business that began in the 1940’s.  From a horse and wagon to multi state distribution, Samuels has taken a strong position as a responsible vendor who offers a mix of sustainable products as approved by the MSC.

Santa Monica Seafood:  Santa Monica Seafood is a 4th generation family owned and operated business and has been serving the Southern California region since 1939.  more…

Wild Edibles:  Wild Edibles was started in 1992 and serves the New York City area.  They have been affiliated with the Blue Ocean Institute since 2006 and use this affiliation to help their customers make informed decisions about the seafood they purchase.