Seafood Suppliers

7 Seas:  7 Seas is a family owned seafood company that strives to provide superior and sustainable seafood. They accomplish this by implementing sustainable techniques, such as recycling water for thawing, using recycled packaging, using hybrid vehicles, and finding efficient delivery routes, as well as traceability for their products.

Alaska Weathervane Seafoods:  Alaska Weathervane Seafoods is a supplier of sustainably harvested sea scallops. The company requires all boats to have third party observance on board to make sure they replenish and adhere to all regulations.

Albion Fisheries, Ltd.:  Albion Fisheries, Ltd is a Canadian seafood distributor and also distributes to the west coast of the United States. They work closely with Ocean Wise, Seachoice and the Marine Stewardship Council to ensure the products they sell are sourced sustainably.

American Mussel Harvesters:  American Mussel Harvesters is a shellfish farm that grows, harvests, cleans, grades, packs and ships their entire product. They supply live clams, mussels, and oysters all their products are grown without the use of chemicals or antibiotics.

American Tuna, Inc.: American Tuna is a supplier of canned albacore tuna. American Tuna, Inc. is committed to sustainability by implementing local sourcing and no waste in creating their products and their cans are BPA-free.

Australis Aquaculture, LLC: Australis Aquaculture farms and processes barramundi in close-containment farms (land based farms contained in tanks). This process enables them to farm fish with no effluent runoff. Their Massachusetts farm can produce up to two million pounds of fish per year while only producing 15 pounds of solid waste per day.

Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp:  Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp are sustainably farm-raised in the United States.  Though there is currently no USDA certification for organic seafood products, their process uses 100% organic, food grade materials in anticipation of certification.  Unlike the majority of shrimp available in the market, their shrimp are fresh, not frozen.

Boston Sword and Tuna: Boston Sword and Tuna is a supplier of seafood and shellfish. This company is committed to working in fisheries that are sustainable. Boston Swordfish is founding member of Sustainable Seafood LLC, which has applied for sustainable certification from the Marine Stewardships Council for their long line swordfish fishery.

Cherrystone Aqua-Farms, Inc.: Cherry Stone Aqua-Farms Inc. offers top quality clams and oysters harvested in a variety of sizes and types. These farm raised oysters and clams are harvested in eastern shore of Virginia.

CleanFish: CleanFish brings together artisan producers and champions them in the marketplace under traceable, transparent brands.  Their networks of artisans are the stewards of their fisheries, and CleanFish is the steward of their stories as they connect producers to chefs and consumers with fish you can trust.

Clearwater Seafoods: Clearwater Seafoods is vertically integrated from ‘ocean to plate’ owning the quotas, licenses, vessels, processing facilities, and providing the delivery and customer support services to their local and global customer base. The Marine Stewardship Council has certified four of Clearwater’s key species, Argentine scallops, Canadian scallops, offshore lobster and coldwater shrimp, as being harvested and managed in a sustainable and well-managed fishery, providing both scientific evidence and global recognition of Clearwater’s sustainability efforts.

DelicaSea: DelicaSea is a supplier of certified sustainably raised shrimp products.  Their certified products are certified by the Aquaculture Certification Council, a non-governmental international farmed seafood sustainability certification body.

Ecofish:  Ecofish supplies sustainable seafood as determined by the Ecofish Seafood Advisory Board.  The seafood advisory board consists of scientists from leading seafood sustainability organizations such as the Blue Ocean Institute, The Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Environmental Defense Fund and others.  Their Ecofish Direct program allows restaurants to purchase directly from the source to the restaurant via express courier services.

H.M. Terry Co., Inc.: H.M. Terry Co. is a family owned company founded in 1903 that produces farm raised oysters and clams. They claim that their shellfish “could be called organic “if such a designation existed for seafood”.

Harvest Select Catfish and Harvest Select Seafood: Harvest Select is a Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified supplier of US Farm Raised Catfish. They manage their hatcheries and raise their fish in controlled environments.  All catfish are raised on a scientifically formulated diet of soybeans, corn and wheat and are fed on the water’s surface.

Hog Island Oysters:Hog Island Oysters has been raising oysters on their farm since 1986. In 2011, Hog Island became the first establishment to be certified sustainable by the Food Alliance Certified Sustainable Shellfish Producer.

Icy Waters Arctic CharIcy Water Arctic Char is an aquaculture company that takes pride in producing fresh finfish. This company believes in and enforces their four pillars of excellence: quality, consistency, sustainability and reliability.

Independence Fish Company: Independence Fish Company is a supplier of a variety of products, including Spanish Pot Caught Octopus and Atlantic Sea Scallops. Spanish Pot Caught Octopus has the lowest by-catch of any octopus fishery and the Atlantic Sea Scallops are from a fishery that is currently undergoing assessment for Marine Stewardship Council certification.

Mazzetta Company: Mazzetta Company (SeaMazz) is a governing member of the Global Aquaculture Alliance and a registered buyer with the Aquaculture Certification Council, both non-governmental organizations which certify and promote eco-conscious aquaculture.

Nature’s Catch: Nature’s Catch farm raises Hybrid Striped Bass in “ponds fed by clean artesian well water” and are fed a grain based diet until they reach harvest size.  Their fish are available in a variety of sizes.

Phillips Foods, Inc.: Phillips Foods is the world’s largest supplier of blue swimming crab products and offers an innovative line of other seafoods. Phillips is leading industry efforts to improve the crab fisheries in Asia, and championed the formation of the NFI Crab Council that funds these sustainability programs through assessments on crab imports.

Rain Forest Aquaculture: Rain Forest Aquaculture raises and processes Best Aquaculture Practices certified tilapia in Costa Rica.  They are a participant in the “Tilapia Aquaculture Dialogue”, a World Wildlife Fund sponsored program, and actively pursue social sustainability opportunities within their community.

Sea to Table: Sea to Table sources product only from sustainably managed and harvested wild fisheries.  They deliver seafood directly from the fishermen to the chef; thereby providing better quality fish without a higher price. They provide fish from fishermen in Trinidad-Tobago, Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico regions to chefs all across America.

Sun Shrimp: Sun Shrimp is passionate about their product and their planet. Their product is fresh and chemical-free to unsure the health and wellbeing of their clients.

Tai Foong USA:  Tai Foong USA is a supplier of Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable seafood items through their Northern Chef product line.  The Northern Chef product line includes Alaskan Cod, Chilean Sea Bass along with many more certified sustainable seafood products.  They are a private, family owned business based in Seattle, WA founded in 1958.

Thimble Island Oyster Company:  Thimble Island Oyster Company is one of the first 3-D sustainable farms. Sustainable 3-D farming means they use the entire water column to produce a variety of species. Their farm is located in the Long Island Sound and only supplies their products to establishments within 100 miles of their farm location.

Triad Fisheries LTD:  Over 30 years ago, Bruce Gore revolutionized the wild Alaskan salmon fishery with the development of his manually intensive Frozen at Sea (FAS) program.  The salmon are caught more…

Vital Choice: Vital Choice- Wild Seafood and Organics products come from fisheries that are certified sustainable.