Who we are


As the famous philosopher, Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not easy being green”. That holds true for suppliers, chefs and operators. Green is normally more expensive. More to certify the process, more to meet certain statutes, more to grow, process, store and ship. realEats.org aims to highlight those vendors who have taken the expensive and difficult steps to move beyond their competitors and have faith that we as chefs, buyers, owners and consumers will recognize the value to our community and our planet for these types of products.

What is realEats.org? It is THE singular, independent site that highlights suppliers and vendors that do the right thing for our planet and our bodies. From certified organic produce to hormone-free beef to sustainably caught or raised seafood to compostable takeout containers, we separate the contenders from the pretenders by requiring bona fide third party certification that the vendors on our page are, in fact newer, cleaner, less polluting and more eco-friendly.

Why all this “Green” babble? We believe, and by visiting this site, we think you believe, it is up to our industry to lead the way to better foods. Better in the method of farming and its effects on our planet. Better in regards to health, from chemicals and “pump”, to antibiotics and pesticides. Better in regards to our animals who should be humanely raised and processed. And better in regards to sustainability for our children and future generations.

This site was established by former restaurant owners, buyers, techno-geeks and foodservice students interested in developing an independent, unbiased resource for industry professionals to find wholesome, “realEats” all in one place. This site is not related to or funded by any distributor, wholesaler, importer or other producer. We simply wanted to create a singular spot to find the good stuff! Enjoy!